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21 Days

Do your Body and Soul need a Reset?


Experience a life changing health program

in one of the most beautiful healing places in Europe.


21 Days for a reason

Whether you want to understand what is going on in your body, focus on prevention or have been diagnosed with a specific diagnosis like a metabolic disorder, autoimmune disease or cancer, we use the proven methods of functional medicine to help you get answers. Even diffuse conditions like chronic fatigue, insomnia, allergies and burn out have their origin in a chemical misbalance in your body – often enough we find parasites, toxins and heavy metals as the root cause of your symptoms.

Every person is different and with our variety of diagnostics, treatments and therapies, we aim to bring your body back into balance because a healthy body can heal itself. Discover our approach and how we bring all the pieces of the puzzle together.

„Your cells and metabolism need 21 days to detoxify and relaunch – also your mental state needs these 3 weeks to get used to a new lifestyle and let go of old habits“

Dr. med. Petra Wiechel

Chief Physician, Swiss Mountain Clinic

Ready for a complete Health Reset?


What to expect

Understand "why"

During our caring dialogues we find out all about your genetic constitution and your history – while our diagnostics assist us to find the root cause of your condition.

Cleanse your Body

 Core part of this holistic program is a variety of detox treatments, including high end parasite treatments. You will feel deeply energized afterwards. 

Regenerate your Cells

With more than 60 therapies, we have a broad selection of treatments to help you regenerate your cells and find your balance to feel healthy and fit again.

Give yourself a Break

Located in the Swiss Alps in the village of Castaneda, our clinic with its healthy climate is the perfect location to go for a hike or just rest and recharge.

Refill Vitamins & Minerals

Through our analysis methods we see blockages, inflammations and lacks of vitamins and minerals. During your stay you will receive your individual refill.

Learn about yourself

Disease is never a coincidence, but a result of our lifestyle. Here we help you pause, learn about and focus on your health before returning to normal life.

Unplug for a While

We provide an EMF reduced environment in order to give your mind and cells a chance to unplug and regenerate. We also offer sertified electrosmog free rooms.

Eat Clean & Healthy

We provide an organic and gluten-free diet, our own grown herbs and excellent spring water. This perfect combination allows optimal regeneration and healing.

Find your Balance

We aim to bring your body back into balance because a healthy body can heal itself. What you will experience here is a  life changing kickoff to a new wellbeing.

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Swiss Mountain Clinic Doctors and Therapists

Dr. Petra Wiechel

Dr. Petra Wiechel

Chief Physician


Dr. Johannes Naumann

Dr. Johannes Naumann

Head Doctor


Dr. Friderike Wiechel

Dr. Friderike Wiechel



Medical Consultants

Dr. Georgetta Tapparo


Dr. Joachim Mutter

Physician & Specialist

Zlatkov Kolev



Holger Scholz



Dr. Manfred Klein



Dr. Thomas Rosner



Dr. Ottaviano Tapparo



30 years of Experience

Competence Center

With over 30 years of experience in functional and regulative medicine, we offer several intensive packages designed to prevent disease as well as regulate and detoxify your body. Patients from over 65 countries worldwide have been coming to the Swiss Mountain Clinic to find answers and receive state of the art therapies.

Located in the Swiss Alps in the village of Castaneda, our clinic is the perfect location to rest and recharge. We provide an organic and gluten-free diet, an EMF-reduced environment, excellent spring water and a healthy climate. This perfect combination allows optimal regeneration and healing.


Phoenix Program


Dark Field Microscopy

The examination of your living blood provides valuable information e.g. on toxic and endobiotic (bacterial and parasitic) stresses and the function of the liver.

Functional Consultation

Combining General with Biological / Functional Medicine and Naturopathy we focus on the cause of your condition and then help your body find its balance. 

Matrix Regeneration

The MRT deletes pathological frequency patterns, resolve slags and toxins, reverses the tissue to a basic environment and stimulates your metabolism.


Correcting defective cell regulation processes by gentle electrical impulses it restores the balance of energies, cell signals and biochemical processes.

Parasite Checkup & Detox

We discover in our patients that parasites are the number one cause of diseases and that their elimination must be a major focus of treatment in this program.


With choline chloride given intravenously, this set of infusions activates and potentiates the action of acetylcholine, a substance in human nerve metabolism.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Our uniquely performed Colon Hydrotherapy has positive effects on your detoxification process, stool regulation and your vegetative nervous system. 

Your Medical History

Together we will explore all details of your medical history and also talk about phases of continuous stress or a trauma which can be the cause of a health disbalance.

Heavy Metal Test

Results show 20 minerals / trace elements, 14 heavy metals and physiological relationships for efficient therapy recommendations.

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Medical Questionaire





Customer and Expert Feedback

Working with the Staff of The Swiss Mountain Clinic has been an honor… Every year my wife and I look forward to our SMC experience“.“                  

Tom O'Bryan

Physician and Author

„This is the only clinic I can rate above a 7.5 in my cancer research and writing: The Swiss Mountain Clinic is clearly a 9.5!“                   

Robyn Openshaw

Nutrition Author

„We will come here every year now and are greatful for the medical and personal help we received. We feel strong and rebooted.“

G & M


The amazing doctors are extremely caring, passionnate, loving and friendly to every single patient that walks through their house.“

D & U


Team of Experts

Our Health, Fitness and Longevity Experts have been coming to the Swiss Mountain Clinic for several years now, bringing their groups of patients. We are proud that they share their experience with their audience and followers and that we can exchange knowledge on a high level of expertise.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Physician & Author

Ben Greenfield

Health & Fitness Expert

Robyn Openshaw

Nutrition Author

Dr. Ken West

Physician & Mental Coach

Magdalena Wszelaki

Health Coach

Maureen Whitehouse

Lecturer, teacher and author

Cococ Tan

Health & Lifestyle Coach

Dr. Jill Carnahan


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Swiss Mountain Clinic

Ready for your individual offer?

Basic Program & Packages

Phoenix Programm

Make your Choice


To effectively address a condition, it needs to be treated on many levels to have a long-lasting effect on your body, mind and soul.

With more than 60 therapies, we have a broad selection of treatments to help you holistically. To simplify your decision we created the perfect program as an essence for your health reset in order to detoxify and cleanse your body.




Depending on your specific needs we additionally designed 4 different packages to assist you to find your personal balance and get back to optimal health.

You can choose from these options as a single add on or cumulative. If you choose all three packages additionally you might want to think about an extension of your stay to 4 weeks.



If you do not have the time to come for 3 weeks we are happy to offer you one of our Intensive Weeks (e.g. Liver Detox, Heavy Metal Detox or Burn Out), Special Weeks (joining a group that is guided by one of our experts) or our 14 days programs for e.g. an Anti-Tumor Programm or Detox & Unplug Combination.

You are welcome to contact us for assistance.